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             The Invisible Machine is a contemporary tango quintet positioned as one of the most relevant within the new scene of Argentine tango. Born in Rosario in 2013 and formed by five young musicians of a new generation of tango musicians, in their 9 years of trajectory the group has stood out for their avant-garde new compositions and personal versions of the great classics. They have achieved numerous recognitions and awards, among which stands out the First World Tango Orchestra Championship in 2017, awarded by a jury of great references of the current Tango. That same year, the group was awarded by the Municipal Editorial of Rosario with the Award for Phonographic Coproductions, allowing the edition of the first discographic material of the group, titled "La Máquina Invisible". The debut material involved a journey about all the sounds that the group goes through, from versions of classic genres to personal and current compositions. The album was presented in Rosario at the Príncipe de Asturias Theater in October 2017 to a full house and with an unbeatable repercussion in the local media, and was awarded at the Rosario Edita Awards as Best Tango Album 2017.
      In 2018, the group was selected by a prestigious international jury to be part of Circulart, one of the most important Cultural Markets in Latin America, chosen from more than 300 groups in the country. The group performed at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater (Medellín, Colombia), sharing the stage with various up-and-coming groups from around the world. That same year, back in Argentina, they performed alongside the Municipal Chamber Orchestra of Rosario, one of the most important string orchestras in the country.
        In 2020 and during the isolation, the group held its first Streaming concert from its city Rosario. It was viewed by more than 1000 spectators located in different parts of the world, representing a peak of audience in the history of the group. It is available on YouTube.
         In 2021, the group releases a new coproduction with Adrián Abonizio, singer-songwriter of La Trova Rosarina, titled "Ciudad Malandrina", in a project dedicated to portraying the complex city of Rosario. Formed by 11 new original songs, the album was considered by the Página/12 newspaper as one of the 10 best Tango albums of the year, and the most important regarding Tango productions outside Buenos Aires.
    Currently, The Invisible Machine is working on its new repertoire of instrumental compositions, while resuming its new presentations after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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